Donut Hair Bun

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100% brand new Donut Hair Bun made with high quality synthetic fibre. It can be heated up to 180C. Soft to the touch, natural-looking, Donut Hair Buns are easy to apply in seconds and are perfect for everyday wear, or for something more formal such as weddings and parties.

Donut Hair Bun Size:

Approx. 13cm X 13cm

Secure type:

Elastic band


60 gram

19 colours Available:

  • Jet BLACK: 1#
  • Nature Black: 1B
  • Brownish Black: 2#
  • Dark Brown: 4A
  • Medium Brown: 2/30
  • Chestnut Brown: 2/33
  • Light Brown: 4/30
  • Dark Mocca Brown: 6k
  • Chocolate Brown: 6A
  • Auburn Reddish Brown: 33#
  • Bleach Blonde: 613/60#
  • Blonde: 613#
  • Light Blonde: 613/22
  • Medium Blonde: 613/27
  • Blonde Highlight Dark Blonde: 613T22
  • Blonde Highlight Dark Blonde: 613T27
  • Plum Red: 99#
  • Dark Cherry Red: 99J

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg

Black Cherry Red 99J, Bleach Blonde 613/60, Blonde 613#, Brown 2/30, Brownish Black 2#, Chestnut Brown 2/33, Chocolate Brown 4#, Dark Brown 4A, Jet Black 1#, Light Blonde 613/22, Light Brown 4/30, Light Medium Blonde 613T27, Natural Black 1B, Plum Red 99#


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